The Ford Mustang R-Spec Is Making Its Way Down Under

October 9, 2019

Talk about large and in charge. Supercharged, that is.

The Ford Mustang R-SPEC is making its way down under and is the first supercharged edition of Australia’s best spelling sports car. It’s not one of a kind, but pretty close – only 500 models of the iconic R-SPEC are expected, each individually numbered and styled with a unique black exterior treatment, R-SPEC specific alloys and one-off boot lid spoiler.

The R-SPEC, collaboration between Ford Australia engineers and Melbourne’s Harrod Performance, is expected to deliver an obscene 522 kW of power and 830Nm of torque through a six-speed manual transmission, compared to the standard 5.0-litre V8 output of 339 kW and 556Nm. It packs the most power of any vehicle Ford has sold in Australia.

It’s a significant improvement over the standard 5.0-litre V8 output of 339kW and 556Nm.

Each vehicle will be individually numbered from 1 to 500 and comes with unique decals, exhaust and wheels. Above the belt line – the rear boot panel, grille, mirrors and vents will all be gloss black, while the wheels and lower skirts will be a satin black. A unique R-SPEC badge takes the place of the standard GT badge at the back, ensuring that this vehicle stands out from the crowd.

It will only be available in a six-speed manual transmission, enhanced with a supercharger kit including a Rough 2.65-litre blower, an 87mm electronic throttle body, new air inlet system and fuel rails as well as a new lower intake manifold with integrated air-to-liquid intercooler. It uses a Ford Performance roots-type positive displacement supercharger which is expected to deliver enhanced performance, more power, a smoother throttle response, reduced noise and vibration and greater control.

The supercharger kit includes a full-race radiator, fed by the larger front air intake as well as an aluminum high-efficiency intercooler. The new supercharged Ford mustang also enjoys enhanced suspension with computer-controlled shock absorbers so it can tackle rough terrain with ease, as well as adjustable stabilizer bars.

It’s expected to carry a fuel rating with an average consumption figure of 14L/100km, slightly higher than the 13L/100km for the standard V8 Mustang, with a city cycle test of 21.2L/100 km and a highway estimate 9.8L/100 km.

The R-SPEC Mustang comes with 19-inch staggered wheels, which are half an inch wider than the regular Mustang GT, as well as high performance Michelin Pilot Sports 4S tires. The Ford Performance springs are 20mm lower than the standard variant and are matched to suspension which is magnetically controlled and adjusts at a damping rate of 100 times per second. Furthermore, its Ford Performance adjustable stabilizer bars are 5mm bigger on the front and 3 mm bigger in the rear when compared to the standard Mustang GT model.

The R-SPEC models will be built in a special small-scale production line in its Campbellfield facility, where standard Mustang GTs will be upgraded to R-SPECs. Harrod Performance employees trained by Ford Australia will staff the line for quality assurance.

Ford is expected to offer a five-year warranty on the R-SPEC, a testament to the company’s confidence in the vehicle’s performance, dependability and engineering prowess.

Register your interest to drive the new Supercharged Ford Mustang R-Spec when it lands at Rebel Ford in Elizabeth.