Benefits of Used Cars

Think first about cost. The price you pay for a used car is lower than what you would pay for a new car of the same make and model. You may even find a used model with features you couldn't afford in a new model.

Similarly, all cars lose value with each mile and their age. But in general, used cars depreciate slower than new cars, which makes them appealing to many buyers. 

Anytime you buy a car that's new to you, you have to consider additional costs as well, such as insurance. A vehicle's age and type are important factors used to calculate auto insurance rates. Our team members can help you find Ford used cars or other used models that will leave you with a reasonable insurance rate. In many cases, you also can secure lower finance rates on used vehicles.

When you consider used cars, don't forget the benefits of selection. We have many used cars for sale in Adelaide to fit your purposes. You can choose from sedans for a family car, economical hatchbacks, turbo-charged models designed for speed and trucks that can carry your cargo.

Financing Options

We have a variety of finance options to suit anyone looking for a used car. At Rebel Ford, you can take advantage of the Ford Consumer Loan. You can choose your repayment period and you'll make monthly payments at a fixed interest rate.

Our business customers have a large range of finance options all provided by St. George Finance. Options include the Ford Commercial Plan, the Ford Chattel Mortgage and a finance lease.

Come visit us at Rebel Ford to testdrive a quality used car. Our knowledgeable staff will be happy to help you decide on what type of financing best suits your needs. We offer fast, friendly service with immediate approvals and instant delivery so you can drive home in the vehicle of your choice today.