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Ford Fiesta Features

Live life to the full with the Ford Fiesta. Loaded with cool technology and impressive fuel economy, it’s designed to keep up with your busy lifestyle, all while being the most eye-catching car on the block.


This is the stuff you just want to look at

We could say a lot about the stylish design of the Fiesta. But what you really care about is how good it looks. So the wordy bit ends here. Start looking. 

Design 2

On the road

Cool, modern and sleek, from its elongated headlamps to the aerodynamic rear spoiler. The Fiesta stands out in a crowd.

Design 2

From the inside out

Want to be the centre of the universe, that's what it feels like inside the Fiesta. Everything you need, right at your fingertips. 

More from inside

Some design features are obvious, others aren't, like the storage drawer under the front passenger's seat, which no-one knows is there, but you.


This is the stuff that keeps giving back

‘Fuel Economy’ is not a phrase that usually gets the excitement factor going. But when it’s your personal economy we’re talking about, that’s a different story. Fiesta helps you save on fuel so you have more money for other things.



Yes, it is International Engine of the Year for the third year in a row. But what counts is why. The 1.0 litre EcoBoost delivers impressive fuel economy. But that’s what you’d expect from an engine this small, right? What you don’t expect is its power. In fact, this turbocharged 1.0 litre petrol engine delivers 92kW1 of power and 170Nm1 of torque and a thrifty 4.9L per 100km.


EcoMode. Use even less fuel.

So many things affect how far you can go on a tank of fuel. Including the way you drive. EcoMode gives you tips on how you can change the way you drive, while you’re driving. So you can drive more and refuel less often.


This is the really cool stuff

This is the point of no return. Once you drive a car with these features, you’ll never want to drive without them again.


You talk. SYNC™ listens.

You’ve got to L.O.V.E. a car that lets you use your Bluetooth® phone and still keep your hands on the wheel and eyes on the road. Call friends by saying their names. Play your music, your way. Plug in your iPod® or stream music wirelessly on your phone. Just tell SYNC™ and everything’s under control and totally hands-free.


Perfect hill starts with Hill Launch Assist

Does stopping and starting on hills cause a little anxiety? Then relax. Hill Launch Assist stops your Fiesta from rolling downhill for the few seconds it takes your foot to leave the brake and press the accelerator.

Technology 2

Auto Headlights & Rain-sensing Wipers

There are enough decisions in life. So here are a few you no longer have to think about. Available as part of the Sports Executive Pack, Rain sensing wipers turn-on automatically and adjust their speed for heavy or light rain. Auto Headlights also turn-on as soon as they sense there’s not enough light so you can see what’s ahead.

Technology 2

Steering made easy

Fiesta’s Electronic Power Assist Steering knows how fast you’re going, and adjusts the “weightiness” of the steering wheel for optimum control. It even adapts to road conditions and strong winds to help keep you safely on track. But the best part? It only activates when you need it—saving you fuel.


This is the stuff you don’t want to be without

It’s good to know that the Fiesta has your safety at heart, with features designed to give you the all-round protection that you’re looking for.

Safety 1

5-star ANCAP Safety Rating

It’s the highest safety rating you can get. And not just any car can get one. It has to pass rigid testing that pushes its protective and preventative features to the limit.

Safety 1

Love those airbags

Speaking of airbags, the Fiesta has quite a few. Seven to be exact. There are airbags for the driver and front passenger. Front and back side and curtain airbags. Plus one for the driver’s knees.

Safety 2

Super strong safety

If boron steel has what it takes for the aerospace industry, it has what it takes to help protect you. Four times stronger than standard high strength steel, it reinforces your Fiesta at key points, creating an extra level of safety around you.

Safety 2

Rear parking sensors

When reversing, Rear Parking Sensors1detect when certain objects are behind you and issue a ‘beep’ that gets louder and faster the closer you get, while a display screen indicates where the object is. The system even lowers the radio volume so you don’t mistake a beat for a beep.

1Available on the Sports model only, part of the optional Sports Executive Pack.

Features of the Fiesta ST

When you look this good, you can’t help but turn heads. With a sleek sports body kit and dynamic front fascia, the ST’s design is to die for. Plus, with an integrated rear spoiler and dual-pipe chrome exhaust, the Fiesta ST is seriously stunning.

  • The sound of seduction. Push the sports alloy pedals to the floor and hear it roar to life. With throaty engine acoustics, Power has never sounded so good. With 134kW Power3 and 240Nm of Torque4, the Fiesta ST is the hot hatch re-defined.
  • Eager to please. Ford SYNC®5 puts you in control with simple voice commands; with the ability to call friends, answer calls and play music all at the tip of your tongue. Now with Satellite navigation, SYNC® will make sure it always gets you where you need to be.
  • The ultimate turn on. With Push-Button Start, the Fiesta ST is ready in an instant. Just put your foot on the brake, press the Start Button and you’re off. Ready to take on the tarmac.
  • Racey Interior. Fitted with world-famous RECARO® sports seats, the Fiesta ST combines modern style with racing car performance. The seats also provide ergonomic shoulder and torso support for an exhilarating ride that doesn’t compromise on comfort.
  • A body to die for. When you look this good, you can’t help but turn heads. With a sleek sports body kit and dynamic front fascia, the ST’s design is to die for. Plus, with an integrated rear spoiler and dual-pipe chrome exhaust, the Fiesta ST is seriously stunning.

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